Jacksonville, Florida

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It is the Association Member's strong intent to create plans, complete projects, and conduct neighborhood group. The basic goal is to continue to work on and improve all adverse conditions and improve all areas of our neighborhood group. It is also important and the Association's untent to access and obtain information that continues to keep all members of the neighborhood group safe. Safe from criminal activity and other discovered dangers or adverse conditions discovered in our area. REPORT WHAT YOU SEE!

Also, some projects or events suggested to the association to benefit the City of Jacksonville community would be discussed by its members. All projects or events decided on and approved by the association members would be completed or run by volunteering neighbors to the benefit of a successful end result in each project or event. LARGE NEIGHBOR PARTICIPATION in the most important factor AND THE KEY TO SUCCESS of all prrojects and events planned.

Any project or event is encouraged to be suggested to the Association by any neighbor in the included neighborhood group. No request is too small. This also includes any help needed by a neighbor to solve a problem in their immediate area. All requests will be discussed and considered for solutions.

The Association depends on suggestions and request from all our neighbors to improve situations that need our attention. Also, suggestions for fun events to bring our neighbors together for enjoyment and the meeting of new neighbors.

Therefore, we strive and it is our goal to receive BROAD PARTICIPATION to help improve our neighborhood group. This can be done by volunteers helping to complete needed projects and joining together to do so. Also, the importance of talking to our neighbors and keeping each other informed should be noted and practice. Be alert, stay safe, PARTICIPATE!